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Hello PTC Lovers!

Today I wanna share 'One Time Trick' that would let your $10 or $20 per year membership of Twickerz turns into forever membership.  OR You can even convert your 'Standard Membership' (free membership) into Lev.1 or Lev.2 memberships which cost $10 and $20 respectively by using this trick.Really it's possible but let me start from the scratch.

 What is Twickerz? 

'Twickerz' is very Lovely PTC (paid-to-click) site specially for those who are interested in investment and advertisements on PTC sites. This is one amongst the TOP PTC sites. The best of the best thing is, it has successfully crossed 2 years in PTC market without having any complaint regarding payouts and advertisements which is itself an evidence that its business model is sustainable and this site is 'ON' profit.

  Earning Potential of Twickerz  

You can earn from twickerz by:

1- PTC Program 

"View Advertisements for a certain time and Earn money" that's simple. There are many type of advertisements in twickerz, like: Fix Ads, Extended Ads, Regular Ads, Mini & Micro Ads & Sponsored Ads. The rates for Advertisers and Clickers differ as per the choice and type of ad slot.

2- Paid To Sign-up Program 

"Get registered in advertised programs and Earn money" that's simple too. 
As a clicker/visitor you are given a plat-form where number of sign-up offers are available, you need to go on each Ad separately to find out what's best for you. Keep in mind to get reward from the advertiser, you have to follow the instructions or qualifications of any sign-up offer SO before getting started read instructions carefully to select which suits you which not.
As an advertiser you can advertise your referral links and other programs where you want direct referrals. In my opinion it's very best way to get direct referral I personally have advertised many of my programs. Currently I have advertised my "Vilvin referral link" and I got over 20 active Direct Referrals for Vilvin.. I mean the best thing is you got a free hand to set some conditions for your Sign-UP offer which of course you think are better for you and your referral who try your offer and set amount of reward for him. 

3- TwickGrid Game 

"Play Game by watching advertisements and Win Cash". As a clicker/visitor you are given number of chances to play on grid according to your membership level. As free member you get 25 chances and as paid member you get 50 chances to win that Game. The game is very simple, you click on small boxes in a grid one by one, an advertisement opens every time and after timer ends your fate decided whether you win a reward which is upto $5 or NOT...

4- Twickerz Offers 

"Complete Offers and Earn Money". At this time Twickerz have following offers:

a- Virool Video  

(watch Videos on youtube and earn money)

b- Superward Offerwall 

(install softwares, facebook likes, videos, surveys)

c- Matomy Offerwall

(install softwares, facebook likes, videos, surveys)

d- Crowdflower Offerwall

(install softwares, facebook likes, watch videos, surveys, simple researches)

5- Promote Twickerz (Referral Programs) 

There are two types of referrals

a- Direct Referrals 

(you brought to twickerz with your referral link)

b- Rented Referrals

 (you purchased from twickerz for 30 days period)

When any of your direct referral do the following things you get commission according to your membership level:
i) View PTC ADS
ii) Purchase Ad Credits
iii) Upgrade his/her account

Twickerz also has very active referral network. So most of your rented referrals stay alive and active but their click commission vary as per your membership in Twickerz. So I would recommend you, if you are interested in investment on rented referrals in Twickerz then 1st upgrade your membership at least to Lev.2 then do investments

  Free Membership UPGRADE!  

Now it's time to learn about "How to upgrade memberships without investing any penny?"

"Dear the Good news for you is, in Twickerz you get extra points by doing the following routine-work things like:

a- PTC Ad Views (2 Points on each of your successful click)
b- TwickGrid Game (2 Points on each of your successful click)
c- Sign-UP Offers (2 Points on each of your successful effort) 
d- Promote Twickerz (20 Points on each of your Direct Referral) 
e- Funding / Deposits (20 Points each time when you fund your account) 

"Simply The more you work the more points you collect.  AND...... "

Do you know what you can do with these points, Here is a surprise for

1- Turn them into Cash (just to do some purchases of Ad Credits)

 " OR "

2- Extend your Membership for the Next Year using these points 

Now, if you want to upgrade your membership in Twickerz using 'twick points' you need to collect them. Just have a look on some fact. Let's Say You Have:
10,000 points = (Option 1, use for Lev. 1 membership upgrade which normally cost $10) or (Option 2, Convert them into cash which would be just $2)
20,000 points = (Option 1, use for Lev. 2 membership upgrade which normally cost $20) or (Option 2, Convert them into cash which would be just $4)
1,000,00 points = (Option 1, use for Lev. 3 membership upgrade which normally cost $100) or (Option 2, Convert them into cash which would be just $20)

I personally got this idea just few months ago and collected over 10,000 points. My membership (which is Lev. 1) would expire on 03-Oct-2013 but I am hoping that I would collect 20,000 points before expiry and would extend my membership from Lev. 1 to Lev. 2 without investing any penny from my Pocket...  SURPRISE!


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